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Hand Winch

2-Speed Winch

  H-performance hand winch
  Standard trailer winches

1-Speed Winch

  Standard trailer winches
  Brake winches
  Stainless steel brake winch

Hand Puller

  1 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton double gear hand puller
  4 ton single gear hand puller
  4 ton double gear hand puller

Ratchet Puller

  ratchet wire rope cable puller

Wire Rope Winch

  wire rope winch

Pallet Puller

  1~5 ton pallet puller

Trailer Rope Ring

  trailer rope ring



Pallet Puller

pallet puller

- Heavy duty, solid steel pallet pullers are designed for pulling pallets and wooden crates to the edge of a truck or dock
- Heat treated, carbon steel teeth
- For unloading trucks at ground level
- Extends forklift reach
- Single scissor action provides superior grip
- Not designed for or to be used for lifting
Model PP1000 PP2000 PP3000 PP5000
Capacity 1 Ton 2Ton 3 Ton 5Ton
I-beam width 30-130mm 30-150mm 30-230mm 30-260mm
N.W.(per pc) 5.3kgs 9.7kgs 13.2kgs 26.1kgs

1/2/3/5 ton single scissor pallet puller clamp

Link: china pallet puller www.hand-winch.com