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Hand Winch

2-Speed Winch

  H-performance hand winch
  H-performance winch w/Brake
  Standard trailer winches

1-Speed Winch

  Standard trailer winches
  Brake winches
  Stainless steel brake winch

Hand Puller

  1 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton double gear hand puller
  4 ton single gear hand puller
  4 ton double gear hand puller

Ratchet Puller

  ratchet wire rope cable puller

Wire Rope Winch

  wire rope winch

Pallet Puller

  1~5 ton pallet puller

Trailer Rope Ring

  trailer rope ring

Marine Stainless Steel Hand Winches with Automatic Brake

- This marine hand winches with auto brake, they are fully automatic and self-locking. Its brake holds the load in any position, making them more suitable for vertical lifting. An automatic brake ensures the load remains suspended when the crank is released and avoids unchecked descent of the load. Brake winch give you complete control over raising, lowering and pulling large items.
- Their one-piece machined gears stand up to daily use.
- All the mechanical components are enclosed for protection against dust, dirt and rain contamination.
- For cable and strap.
- Marine Hand Winches made from durable stainless steel, guaranteed not to corrode in marine environments.

manual brake winch

Model Capacity Gear Ratio Way/Speed Cable Webbing Drum-Hub Dia.
JCCS800 800lbs 3.2:1 2way/1speed Φ4mmx6m 50mmx6m 50mm
JCCS1200 1200lbs 4.2:1 2way/1speed Φ4mmx8m 50mmx8m 50mm
JCCS1600 1600lbs 4:1 2way/1speed Φ5mmx10m 50mmx10m 50mm
JCCS1800 1800lbs 5:1 2way/1speed Φ5mmx10m 50mmx10m 60mm
JCCS2600 2600lbs 10:1 2way/1speed Φ5mmx10m 50mmx10m 60mm

Marine Hand Winches with Automatic Brake

Link: Hand winches www.hand-winch.com