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Hand Winch

2-Speed Winch

  H-performance hand winch
  H-performance winch w/Brake
  Standard trailer winches

1-Speed Winch

  Standard trailer winches
  Brake winches
  Stainless steel brake winch

Hand Puller

  1 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton single gear hand puller
  2 ton double gear hand puller
  4 ton single gear hand puller
  4 ton double gear hand puller

Ratchet Puller

  ratchet wire rope cable puller

Wire Rope Winch

  wire rope winch

Pallet Puller

  1~5 ton pallet puller

Trailer Rope Ring

  trailer rope ring




Trailer Winch with Brake

- This trailer winch is mainly used for horizontal towing.
- This trailer winch require no power and allow the user to create mechanical advantage by rotating a handle to operate the winch. It is widely applied on yacht, industrial and agricultural fields.
- One piece machined gear provide more durability than the riveted gears of other trailer winches. Its gears are even made of durable carbon steel.
- 2-ways mode makes both forward and reverse cranking from one side.
- 4:1/8:1 or 4.4:1/9.3:1 gear ratio,
- This 2-speed 2600/3200/3500/3700lbs. trailer winch are designed to make light work of heavy loads. It features one fast speed for quick pull-in, and a second low speed for increased mechanical advantage. This two speed winches also feature a shift lock design, you can change speeds without moving the crank handle from shaft to shaft; simply lift the shift lock and slide the shaft into the desired gear position. The shift lock holds the shaft in gear.
- 6m(20ft) Strap / Steel cable with forged hook optional

Trailer Winch, 3200/3500/3700lbs 2-Speed, With Brake

trailer winch with brake

Model Capacity Gear Ratio Way/Speed Handle Length Drum-Hub Dia.
JCAB3200/3500/3700 3200/3500/3700lbs 4.4:1/9.3:1 2way/2speed 280mm 45mm

trailer winch

Link: hand winch www.hand-winch.com